The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. - Gandhi

Hitech is an Enterprise Consulting and Implementation service company.
The ambitious and motivated people at Hitech are focused on delivering significant results in existing business processes by

Reduce the Gap Between Business and its Potential Users
Eliminate Redundancy and Human Error
Speed up the Communication and Information Flow
Strategize processes to Enhance Productivity

How Hitech Services can change the way you work?
We care about you & We are here to understand you better.

With over 20 years of experience in Enterprise Business Solutions, we have implemented many projects with Tally Enterprise Framework.

Our aim is simple — provide a complete solution in terms of –

We strategize our processes to deliver knowledge and resources to customers seamlessly and economically. We cater to customers across the globe.

Compatibility comes where passions exist
and that's what makes us a good choice for your business.

We call ourselves a success if you, as our partner, succeed. We take immense pride and joy in our work ethic which makes us wonderful companion on this professional journey. Our secret is – Flexibility, Responsiveness and, Encouragement and Rewards to Employees
Our Track Record speaks for itself as we have successfully ventured into sectors like Manufacturing, Engineering, educational institutions, Distribution, Trading & Government.

Association with Tally of our Promoters for over 10+ Years

A whopping 10,000+ customers have played a significant role in its success.

What makes Tally so powerful?

Tally powers 95% of businesses in India.

Tally products are transforming businesses across industry in over 94 countries.

More than 2 million business users are testament to its product philosophy – the ‘Power of Simplicity’. With Bharat Goenka – son of the Late Founder-at-the-helm, Tally remains firmly committed to Indian businesses.

A pioneering company, Tally was the first to introduce codeless software, a natural language interface, concurrent multilingual capabilities, and path-breaking remote functionality.

In terms of services, this technology giant was the first to launch free service, while dramatic breakaway commercial terms including free upgrades and no charge per seat transformed the ownership experience.

Its strong principle right from the early years to reach customers through a dedicated partner network has resulted in a robust partner system.

People @ HITECH

We are a team because we love, respect and care for each other.
At Hitech Services, we believe our people are our greatest asset.
Teams of dynamic and experts enthusiasts takes care of specialized sectors such as Cost & Management Accountants, Consultants, Project Managers, and Tally experts
Every individual’s views, ambitions and aspirations together form the Hitech Services way of life. This adds value to the system, as the sales and support queries are addressed promptly, resulting in complete customer satisfaction.
Thanks to our director, Mr Sanjay Gupta, who carries a rich 25+ years of experience in working with reputed clients and implementing Enterprise Solutions, the goals of an individual and the company are clearly addressed and aligned with each other. As a result, under his guidance personal landmarks play an essential role in the company’s growth.
He started his business in 1998 as a web development company by providing IT solutions to Government Organizations like BSNL, Tourism Department, Health Department, UJVNL, PTCUL and others.
As a Tally Partner, he is an expert Business Consultant and implements ERP efficiently and effectively. He has offered his services to organizations like Patanjali, National Health Mission, and to over 3000 SMEs.