Tally’s latest and powerful Tally ERP 9 is the most popular accounting software in India.

Harness the features of most powerful accounting software of India.

Tally's latest and powerful Tally ERP 9 is the most popular accounting software in India.
A perfect combination of function, control and in-built features meet the complex needs and demands of a growing business.


Use The Most Powerful Accounting Software

Remote Access

The concept of ‘remote’ originated when business owners and staff from traditional software firms faced limitations from outside their offices and factories as they required access to the data, handle requests and maintain information.

Integrated Support

Integrated within Tally.ERP 9 and Shoper 9 this new feature enables the users to report and track their queries from within the product.

SMS Access

SMS is the most preferred mode of being in contact with people. Whether you are an owner or a travelling sales executive with a mobile phone with this feature you have access to instant business information at your fingertips.

Data Synchronization

New advancements make synchronization of data ideal for tying-up distributed business environments such as branch offices, distributors, vendors, retail chains with the Head Office.


Payroll is handles Pay slip generation and other complex associated processes such as Loans and Advances, Salary Revision and Arrear Calculation, Deductions, Ad-Hoc payments and more.


With the help of Control Centre you can centrally configure and administer the site or user belonging to an account. It acts as an interface between the user and Tally.ERP 9 installed at different sites.

Job & Requirements

This puts Tally Certified Professionals within the reach of every business that runs Tally ERP 9. It gives control to business owners and provides them with a better choice of recruits, even outside their geographical location.


India has a well developed three-tier federal tax structure comprising the Union and the State Governments and the Urban/ Rural Local Bodies. Tally 9 takes care of all the compliances.


Costing feature records, classifies and summarizes costs to determine the costs of Products, Services, Planning, Controlling and Reducing of the same. It also delivers the information to management for effective decision making.

Branch Management

Branch Management enables you to communicate and deliver consistent information. Its allows two way communications and reduces paper usage and redundant processes.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) or Checkout is the location where a transaction occurs. Tally.ERP 9 POS feature helps you to streamline your retail operations, by automating the ‘Check Out’ process for you and your customers.

Job Costing

Job Costing is applied to a specific job undertaken as per the customer’s requirements and specifications. It also applies to industries which produce definite products against individual orders from customers.


Manufacturing businesses produce items with the usage of machines, tools and labour. The core process involves raw materials that are transformed into finished goods on a large scale.


Every manufacturing process needs to maintain a standard inventory to monitor and administer the raw materials, finished products, wastage and by-products.


Sales are the lifeline of a business that directly impact growth and profitability. Tally 9 ERP optimizes and monitors your inbound and outbound sales for analytical purposes.


Tally.ERP 9 delivers the entire purchase cycle -the Complete Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Rejections & Returns, Advances, Debits & Payments or a Single Payment Entry.


Tally 9 supports and fulfils all your accounting requirements. Also known as bookkeeping, it records and classifies Financial Transactions into books of accounts and associated registers.


Tally ERP9 comes with rich features that produce financial reports to give you the necessary management and control of your business.

Concurrent Multi-lingual capability

Maintain, Transact, View and Share your accounts in any Indian Language and grow your business all over the country bypassing the language barrier.

Flexible Financial Periods

It allows you to break away from inflexible accounting years and perform all accounting functions in Tally for time-periods that suit your convenience.

Unlimited Companies

Enables you to create and maintain up to 99,999 companies, concurrently.

Consolidation of Companies

Enables grouping of companies and provides consolidated reports. Changes done in any constituent or branch company are automatically updated in the grouped information.

Unlimited levels of classification

Facilitates ledger classification and reclassifications as required. It also enables easy viewing and analysis of information.

Drill Down Facility

Enables you to drill down or instantly update from any report – starting from the Balance Sheet down to Vouchers, or vice versa.

Advanced MIS

Helps you compare information to understand and analyze performance levels for various periods or divisions, the buying patterns of customers, and cash flow situations so that you can channel your resources to specific segments.

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