Marketing Skills Training

Marketing Skill Training

Skills to sell or market a product, service, or an idea. No matter how unique your product is, you need a certain set of marketing skills to pitch your idea to investors or convince a million users to buy.

Effective communication, mastering the art of public speaking, winning the game of negotiations, stress management, balanced use of creative and analytical mind are few marketing skills one needs to master to succeed in life.

In the simplest terms, it’s an ability to convince the other person that your product/service genuinely solves a problem rather than making it more complex.

If marketing skills are practiced and enhanced regularly the future will bow down to you. Because –

Effective communication is going to drive more sales.

Genuinely presenting your product/service/idea is going to make sure your clients do not go somewhere else.

Creative and analytical thinking coupled with technology is going to generate more leads for you to sell/market.

Rising up the corporate ladder.

Day 1

Agenda – Prospecting – Enable participants to understand and adopt new trends in the market and sales.

Product Training | Understanding the company’s requirements | Soft Skills Training

Goal Setting: How to set and achieve Goals

Introduction to Marketing | What is Marketing | Importance of Marketing

Marketing – Types | Growth | Mix | Strategy | Intelligence

B2C vs. B2B Marketing

Brand Management

Day 2

Agenda – Introduction to Client Interfacing – Learn the components of sales and marketing by understanding the client, company and the tools to achieve desired targets. Primary focus is on client-customer relationship.

Who are Customers | Types of Customers

Customer Complaints | Why Companies Lose Customer

Importance of Customer Handling – Skills and Communication

Client’s needs and requirements

Retaining your upset customer – 10 Ways to handle a client complaint

Day 3

Agenda – Integrating soft skills in Marketing – Role play and real-time scenarios to boost your confidence and demonstrate how the entire process works.