Mentoring of Resources

Mentoring of Resources

Mentoring is the process in which a mentor guides a men tee and shares their knowledge, experience and skills.

A mentor assists others by shining light on their journey and expecting men-tee to learn a thing or two.

It’s a process of giving back what one has learnt in his life and allow others a little comfort in their advice.

Whether a mentor is available for short-term or long-term it’s the easiest way to learn from others experience.

If you get a good mentor and you implement their advice in your life, the results could be drastic and you might change your life in a matter of a few months.

A good mentor brings out the best in you as they are focused, determined to succeed in life no matter what happens.

Day 1

Agenda: Prospecting – To generate leads

Session anchored: Senior TX resource/ TSPL resource for one hour

Scouting | Tele calling | Updating of Tally-Upsales

Day 2

Agenda: Engagement / Demo to prospects – To understand client and customer behavior

Session Anchored: Senior TX resource/ respective CP resource

Calls to prospects | Participating in many sessions for customer engagement

Day 3

Agenda: Closure by the trainee – Real time training.

Role Play | Real-time calls | Activities and Exercises to test the participants