Job Costing

Job Costing

Track and Optimise Your
Job Costs...!

Job Costing is a form of specific order costing, which applies to a job undertaken according to customer requirements and specifications. It applies to industries which produce definite products against individual orders from customers.

Key features of Job Costing module are :

  • Ascertain profitability i.e., Net Profit / Loss for a particular Job / Project.
  • Track the transfer of materials from one go down to another.
  • Easily track the consumption of materials at different locations.
  • Drill down till voucher level for any kind of alteration or reference.
  • Track material-wise receipts, consumption, transfers and closing stock at multiple locations dedicated for a job.
  • Create job 'cost centres' and report on them.
  • Capture revenue and expenses as and when they are updated.
  • Compare and analyse various jobs.
  • Inventory movement: Opening, Inwards, Outwards , Transfer, Consumption etc.
  • Allows comparison of each element of cost, selling price and profit with other jobs.
  • Can ascertain the costs under each element when the job is in progress.
  • Do a Job Work Analysis where a service or a product is the output.

Other related reports that can be generated on the fly are :

Job Work Analysis Report
It also allows you to drill down from the Job Work Analysis report to voucher entry, to view a break up of Job/Project.

Materials Consumption Summary Report
Displays Opening Value, Inward Value, Consumption, Other Transfers and Closing Value.

Comparative Job Work Analysis Report
Displays the details of Multiple Jobs in a single report in different columns.