As Tally is committed to working with educators, educational organisations, and industry partners to expand the world of learning through technology. This will help prepare the current disproportionate segment of unemployed for an occupational field. Our programmes are designed to empower the current and next generation of Indians to accept their roles and responsibilities and contribute in greater measure to society, while finding personal success. Our continuing programs combine technical and instructional expertise, helping educators increase training delivery on business technology.

WIAT’s objective is to offer a structured, sustainable framework to impart skills to unemployed and underemployed people and meet the dynamic needs of the community and the economy.

With WIAT’s Education programmes, the workforce of tomorrow stands a far better chance to succeed. WIAT welcome you to explore building a career on Tally.ERP 9. We deliver many structured courses on Tally.ERP 9.

WIAT is Tally authorised training centres who meet periodic quality audit parameters become a ‘Tally Academy’. A Tally Academy offers you, as a student, high quality Tally.ERP 9 learning programs. In addition, a Tally Academy has the freedom to structure different value added courses to prepare you in meeting local and ever changing demands of the market.

Getting trained at a Tally Academy would make you more employable because

  • You can avail of value added courses
  • The courses can be structured to meet your individual requirement
  • The quality of the training centre, the computer systems, the counselor, the trainers, the course ware and assessment tests are appropriate and effective to prepare you for a career


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