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E-Invoicing in TallyPrime


TallyPrime now comes with a fully connected solution that will help you transition to and manage e-invoicing with ease. TallyPrime uses GSP (GST Suvidha Provider) technology which is ISO27001:2013 certified for following strict information security policies as per international standards.

With e-invoicing already implemented for the businesses with a turnover of 50 crores and above, it’s now time for the next phase applicable for businesses with a turnover of 20 crores from 1st April, 2022.

The 4th phase of e-invoice implementation is said to begin from 1st April,2022 and will be applicable for businesses with an annual turnover of 20 crores or above in the previous financial year. If a business with an annual turnover of 20 crores and above, e-invoice will be applicable, and you need to electronically upload all B2B and B2G invoices to the portal.

You need to generate the e-invoice in the required format and upload it to the IRP portal. The IRP portal will authenticate the invoice data and return the file with IRN and digitally-signed QR code. e-Invoicing mandates that an invoice remains valid only if it has IRN and QR code that is authenticated by the IRP (Invoice Registration Portal). Invoicing is a key process in every business, it’s a necessity to have business management software that will help you seamlessly generate e-invoices without impacting the way you use to operate your business.

Businesses using ERP/ business management software that seamlessly connects to the IRP system via GSP, and automatically prints the QR code and IRN on the invoice, will find it easy to manage e-invoice requirements without many changes to the business process

Features of E-Invoicing
  • Generate e-invoices in a single click
  • Generate single e-invoice or in bulk
  • Cancel e-invoice at the click of a button if required
  • Exclusive e-invoice report will give you a single view of all e-invoicing tasks
  • IRN register to check status of e-invoicing related transactions